When choosing light or dark wood flooring options, there are pros and cons for each, which means one is likely to serve you better than the other. To give you a better idea of what you can expect with each one, we're going to provide you with some brief specifics in today's post.

Dark or light wood flooring?

Many times, choosing between light and dark wood flooring comes down to your trend and décor preferences. However, to ensure you have the information you need, here are some considerations for each.

Dark hardwood
– Believe it or not, dark woods are less likely to fade in direct sunlight, and they hide a lot of the dirt and grime that floors are known for. However, if you have a lot of excessive light-colored debris, such as light-colored animals that shed, you’ll see all of that.

Light hardwood
– This color scheme is virtually fail-proof when matching décor and other features and can make small rooms seem much more significant. But you’ll also find these floors show wear, scuff marks, and dings easier and require frequent refinishing to maintain their gorgeous appearance.

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