Three hardwood flooring trends to consider

Three hardwood flooring trends to consider

Finding the right wood flooring trend could be just what you need to take your floors to the next level. These popular, current options offer something for every homeowner's existing decor.

If you've never given serious thought to floor trends, this is a great time to start. Hardwood materials feature some of the best and longest-lasting options.

The whitewashed wood trend

With a whitewashed appearance, you can create a wealth of visual opportunities. Enjoy the sun-bleached, beachy look or a chic farmhouse appearance in any room.

But these are only two of the directions in which you can take this solid hardwood flooring design. The options are endless, especially as you layer on other visual components.

The light stain color trend

Light stain colors are more popular this year than ever, especially for a brighter space. But you can add rich honey or copper colors to reduce scratches and hide scuffs.

These colors blend so well with so many decor schemes you're sure to find a place for them. And you might find them an excellent choice for every room, giving you years of beautiful service.

The herringbone installation trend

This trend leans on the installation method for completion, offering beautiful wood flooring. In addition, it adds another visual layer, pairing with stain color and finish for a unique result.

The installation can offer added stability in many spaces, though it may use more products. Be sure to ask about formats, lengths, and widths that can change the look.

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