Wood-look versus real hardwood flooring

Wood-look versus real hardwood flooring

Do you ask what the differences are between natural wood flooring and wood-look products? That depends on which homeowners you ask!

Some people believe natural wood is the only choice for this timeless and elegant flooring. But others prefer the extended benefits that come with other materials, even at the expense of lifespan.

Solid hardwood has its advantages

One of the selling features of solid hardwood is its extensive lifespan, which can easily exceed more than 100 years. Once in place, you may never need to replace these floors, even after decades of use.

Solid hardwood flooring is also one of the most visually customizable products in the flooring industry, with beautiful, décor-matching looks. Consider visual options like species type, stain color, texture, and layout, to name a few.

Wood-look products are brilliant

The wood looks you'll find in laminate, and luxury vinyl is impressively realistic, so much so that some guests may never know it's not the real thing. They offer textures, graining, patterns, and colors that closely mimic natural hardwood.

But products like luxury vinyl are so popular because they offer immense wear resistance and complete waterproof protection, unlike solid wood flooring. As a result, luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for parents and pet owners who often experience spills and accidents.

You will find your favorite as you dive into more details about these two products. And we can ensure you find your best match.

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